Brightspace Instructor Resources

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Brightspace Team

Here you will find short video tutorials (2-4 minutes each) along with PDF downloads for a variety of topics in Brightspace. We have divided the videos into the following categories:
  • General Information

    Navigating Brightspace, accessing courses, importing/exporting content, working with student groups, using Student View, setting up automatic student notifications, and other functions that do not fit within the other categories below.

  • Content

    Utilize Brightspace's powerful course organization tools to share files (PowerPoints, PDFs, Word, Excel, etc.) with your students, organize your materials into groups called Modules, and link to internal and external sources as well.

  • Grade Book

    Stop using Excel to handle your grades, and get Brightspace to do all the heavy lifting and grade calculating for you. It can be a bit complicated, but these videos should help you get the hang of it.

  • Discussions

    Whether you teach online, face-to-face, or use a mix of both, the Discussions option in Brightspace can be a powerful to help you engage your students. Learn to create discussion forums and topics and find out how to utilize Brightspace's management tools to successfully implement discussions in small or large classes.

  • Dropbox

    Find out how to use Brightspace to have your students turn in papers and assignments, and use its built-in tools to easily grade, annotate, and even leave audio feedback. It's a lot easier than carrying around a stack of papers and a red pen.

  • Quizzes

    From basic true/false or multiple-choice quizzes to essay-based final exams, the Quiz tool in Brightspace can greatly assist you when it comes to all things involving student assessment.