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OSU provides a wide variety of services to help students be successful in their studies. Below are links to information and resources students should be familiar with and use when they need assistance.

Technology Needed for Online Courses

Many instructors at OSU utilize technologies such as streaming videos, realtime conferencing, and interactive document creation for their online or hybrid classes. Students enrolled in these classes should meet the following requirements for internet service:

20 mbit/second download
2 mbit/second upload

50 mbit/second download
5 mbit/second upload

Students can test their internet speed for free using online tools such as or

Academic Integrity

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The OSU community takes academic honesty very seriously. Committed to instilling and upholding integrity is a core value for OSU. To that end, the campus has adopted an official Academic Integrity policy and procedure for addressing academic misconduct. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the policy and consequences for violations of the policy. The OSU website has a resource page for students and faculty that provides extensive resources regarding the university policy and procedures.

Information Technology (IT)

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Math Tutoring Center

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Writing Center

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Career Services

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