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Brightspace for Students

Brightspace Student Overview
A quick tour of Brightspace for students: how to login, what you can expect to find, and some examples of different features your instructors might use in your classes.

Understanding the Content Section
An explanation of what the Content section is in Brightspace, along with instructions on how to access links, files, documents, and mark items as completed.

Using Discussion Board
Understanding the Forum/Topic/Thread format of the discussion board as well as a walkthrough of how to post a new thread and reply to an existing thread.

Submitting assignments to the Dropbox
Understanding the folder structure of Dropbox, as well as instructions on how to submit papers and attach additional notes or details about the assignment.

Grades and Instructor Feedback
Checking grades and accessing instructor feedback, and also an explanation of what the various colors on grade items mean.

Student Groups
Using the Groups tool to see student group members, send emails to other group members, and post in private discussion boards if the instructor has enabled that feature.

Profile Settings and Notifications
Personalizing the Brightspace experience by adding a student profile photo, enabling notifications for content and quizzes, and changing other settings.

Taking a Quiz
A demonstration of how to take a quiz or test, and understanding what the various options and processes are when saving questions and submitting answers.

Brightspace Overview for Individual Study Students
An overview and tour of Brightspace for Individual Study students at Oklahoma State University.

Taking a Quiz With Respondus Lockdown Browser
Explanation of what the Respondus Lockdown Browser is, why some instructors use it, and how to download it in order to take a quiz or test in Brightspace.

Student Classlist
Using the Classlist function in Brightspace to communicate with individual students or groups of students.

Quiz Passwords
How to take a quiz in Brightspace that requires a password, and an explanation of why some instructors choose to implement this type of system in their classes.

Calendar Events
How to use the Calendar feature in Brightspace, if enabled by the instructor, in order to keep track of due dates and upcoming assignments.

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